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Audiometry testing or better known as hearing tests are required in any working environment where employees have exposure to noise levels that require a hearing protector.

Our assessments will provide a baseline hearing test to limit liability for future hearing loss claims, as well as monitor the impact of long-term noise exposure.

Audiometry testing

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Legislative requirements

If employees are required to use hearing protection to protect against noise exposure, then you have obligations under WHS regulations to:

  • Ensure that a worker is not exposed to noise that exceeds the exposure standard for noise;

  • Provide audiometric testing to monitor employee hearing levels

    • ​Managing Noise And Preventing Hearing Loss At Work: Code Of Practice. Safe Work Australia, 2015.

It is important to adhere to the legislative requirement of providing your employees with a health surveillance program.


SAMC’s program which includes baseline and periodic audiometry testing will ensure that you are meeting your legislative requirements. The program will also identify employees who may have occupational noise induced hearing loss to ensure early intervention and treatment is provided.

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