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MRO's are medical review officers whom are qualified medical practitioners ready to assist you in interpreting the results of alcohol and other drug results, as well as answer complex medical questions to get you fit for work. Dr. Somnuk Phonesouk and Dr. Gerald Yuen from Sydney Airport Medical are MRO qualified.

MRO Services

Book an appointment on 9667 4355

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What value does MRO add to an Alcohol and Drug program?

  • Helping organisations to identify risk and manage those employees affected by substance abuse disorders. The MRO can provide valuable advice in the development of a quality A&OD program.

  • Ensure the integrity of A&OD testing and interpretation of results of testing. This provides assurance to the organisation that testing is effective in managing risk and at the same time, giving employees the confidence that testing will be fair with correct interpretation of results and appropriate confidentiality maintained.

  • Assist with the return of employees to work following treatment and assessment while at the same time ensuring safety and fitness for duty.

Our MRO's can

assist you with:

  • Substance abuse disorders and their management

  • A&OD testing procedures and methodologies

  • Interpretation of test results including alternative medical explanations for laboratory confirmed test results as well issues relating to adulterated and substituted specimens

  • Pharmacology of illicit drugs

  • Ethical and privacy issues surrounding workplace drug and alcohol testing

  • Laboratory methodology and quality control

  • Legislation and recommended standards in regards to A&OD programs

  • Fitness for work and other medical related safety issues

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